Yuri Mesagrande: From Rags To Riches, A Former Sidewalk Vendor Story

Literally from rags to riches. This is the story of a former sidewalk vendor/peddler from General Santos City who used to sell rags and doormats.

Yuri Mesagrande as he is known, was only 14 years old when his father died. He was the only one left to look after his 3-month old sister and his mother whom he said is unable to read or write. His older siblings were already married at that time so he was forced to stop and sacrifice his studies just to earn a living to help his mother and younger sister.

It was 2009 when he was invited by a stranger while he was selling rags in the streets to attend a business seminar of AIM Global. As a person eager to earn extra income for his family, Yuri gave in and attended the seminar.

To date, Yuri is now a successful AIM Global distributor. He is already a Millionaires Club member, a Global Ambassador and constantly the Top 1 Distributor in General Santos City. He was able to buy a car and buy his house amounting to 3.9 million pesos.


We are sharing Yuri’s story not to hype anyone nor to brag on his achievements. We are sharing his story together with other distributors to inspire you to never stop dreaming for your future. To inspire everyone that there is always hope in every situation and that there is always an opportunity for everyone to change his future. We only need to grab that opportunity and work for our dreams to come true.


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