Virgilio Legarde AIM Global Product Testimonial

Our product testimonial is from Brgy. Mandaragat of Palawan, Mr. Virgilio Legarde, 60 years of age. He narrates his story when he came home from work one afternoon in year 2011 feeling there was a thorn in his feet. He then asked his wife to check, but his wife just noticed a white spot about the size of a mung bean (monggo bean). After four days, the white spot started to discharge pus, a thick yellowish or greenish opaque liquid produced in infected tissue. From that day forward, his feet started to swell and rot.

Mr. Legarde became bedridden and was not able to work for six months. It came to a point that he already lose hope and even asked his wife to stop the medication given to him as he had accepted his fate that he is going to die anytime soon.

Maybe it was God’s intervention when a colleague went to visit their house for him to sign some office documents and told him to try AIM Global products particularly C24/7 food supplement.

He tried to take C24/7, Choleduz and Restorlyf. According to Mr. Legarde, he took 1 capsule of C24/7, 1 capsule of Restorlyf and 1 capsule of Choleduz every four hours for 2 months. After 2 months of taking Alliance in Motion Global food supplements, his wounds dried up and his vision went back to normal.

He continued using the products until his wounds started to heal and he was able to get up,sit and finally walk again.

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