Fatima Ruiz Valin: A Wife Succeeded In AIM Global Just By Using Facebook

Being a wife is not a hindrance to get your dreams specially if that dream is for the future of your children. This is the story of Fatima Ruiz Valin who succeeded in AIM Global just by using Facebook to build her network.

Fatima is a housewife who wanted to provide her children an educational plan for their future. With her husband working abroad, she was also doing her part as a wife just to help out elevate their family income until she met someone from Facebook who introduced AIM Global to her.

As a starter with the business, she found it very hard to build her network. However, after studying the business for two months and constantly promoting the business on her Facebook account, she was able to get her first downline overseas. She was able to build an international team with the help of Facebook marketing.

After 1 year doing the business, she was able to send her husband home from working abroad for good. She was able to send her child to a private school. On 2013, she was able to buy her family a town house and a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe.


Watch her story as she narrates it during a Sizzle event in our Head Office and be inspired.


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