Chino Chukwudozie: Nigerian Businessman Success Story

AIM Global business is truly a global business. This is not just a business for Filipinos but also for foreign nationals like Chino Chukwudozie, a Nigerian businessman.

He came to the Philippines to do business in line with surplus electronics. However, like many other traditional business, it came to a time that his business did not prosper due to tough competition with other business players selling original electronic items almost the same price with the surplus items he was selling.

Until one day, he was invited to attend a business seminar of AIM Global. He joined the business even if most of his friends laughed at him and doubted him on how he can do the business knowing that he is not a Filipino. It may be impossible for others, but Chino’s dream is bigger than the doubts of the people that surround him.

To date, Chino is now a Global Ambassador of Alliance In Motion Global. He was able to build his AIM Global business back in Nigeria and now an inspiration to his fellow countrymen. Watch his video as he narrates how he started with AIM Global here in the Philippines.


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