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TGX Online Marketers Group (TGX-OMG) is founded by Marhgil Macuha, a computer engineer and a blogger, blogging at macuha.com. He named his group as such because most of his downlines were recruited through the use of online marketing techniques he learned by experience while blogging.

Thru his online marketing efforts, he was able to recruit members not only from different parts of the Philippines but also from around the world. TGX-OMG has members in many countries already including Cyprus, Lebanon, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Cambodia and USA.




TGX-OMG’s main goal is to recruit as many people online from anywhere around the world, regardless of nationality. Since AIM Global is already penetrating the online market thru AIM World, joining TGX-OMG will put you in a better position to capture this market as members are being provided with advanced online marketing tools you can use to easily expand your business. One of the tools provided is your own customized website if you join TGX-OMG with 3 accounts or more.

Join TGX-OMG and be a part of one of the best teams of AIM Global in the online world!


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